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Information for Clients of Translators

The National Register of Public Service Translators (NRPST) is the key contact point for the professional public service translation profession. NRPST’s core role as an independent voluntary regulator is to protect the public and the public purse by ensuring they engage with highly qualified and experienced registered and regulated translators.

We ensure  all translators on our Register have the recognised qualifications, meet the set benchmark standards and abide by our Code of Professional Conduct.

The clients of translators and the public benefit from being able to search the online Register for a qualified translator free of charge, safe in the knowledge that all Registrants are quality assured and accountable.

You might also want to consult NRPST Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are unable to find what you’re looking for, please email us at admin@nrpst.org.uk.

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