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Profressional Conduct and Disciplinary Committees

The disciplinary committees of NRPST are:

  • The Professional Conduct Committee
  • The Disciplinary Committee 
  • The Disciplinary Appeals Committee


Professional Conduct Committee (PCC)

The Professional Conduct Committee will investigate complaints laid against NRPST Registrants to assess whether there is evidence of a breach of the Code of Professional Conduct such as would justify consideration by the Disciplinary Committee. In some cases the PCC is able to issue warnings or recommendations.


Disciplinary Committee (DC)

The Disciplinary Committee will consider allegations of professional misconduct referred to it by the Professional Conduct Committee and make such decisions as fall within its powers.

The Disciplinary Committee will hear allegations of unacceptable professional conduct against translators.

The Committee will have the power (should they find that a breach has taken place) to either admonish, suspend from the Register or expel from the Register.

All cases will be decided based on the evidence provided by both the complainant and the translator.


Disciplinary Appeals Committee (DAC)

The Disciplinary Appeals Committee will decide on appeals by the Respondent against the decisions and/or actions of the Disciplinary Committee.

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